Dental Sealants

Due to normal anatomy variations from person to person, you may have deep grooves (also known as pits and fissures) on your premolar and molar teeth. These areas are the most common areas to develop tooth decay.

Sealants can be recommended for:

Baby teeth – Occasionally done if teeth have deep grooves or depressions and child is cavity prone.

Children and teenagers between the ages of 6-16 yrs – When permanent teeth are erupting children can be cavity prone. This can be due to deep grooves that are hard to clean or a lack of effective and regular oral hygiene habits.

Adults – Tooth surfaces without decay that have deep grooves or depressions.
Sealants can be applied by your dentist, hygienist or dental assistant. After thorough cleaning of the tooth surface, a flowable material is applied to these surfaces of the teeth and becomes a thin plastic coating that is easy to clean. Monitoring of the sealants for wear and chipping will be checked during your regular check up with the dentist. Proper home care, a balanced diet, and regular dental visits will aid in the life of your new sealants.

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